9 Hilarious Dating Memes

Online dating has been around for a while now and given that the internet is known for turning anything into a meme, it’s only logical to assume that there are a lot of dating memes out there, varying from normie trash to very high-quality dankness. Furthermore, there are no limitations because those that create memes won’t hesitate to make a joke out of anything from regular to BBW dating.

Now, you probably can’t help but ask yourself “why are dating memes important?” First off, they’re usually really funny, and secondly, it’s one of the best ways of getting actual insight into the problems of online daters. In that name, here are 9 hilarious dating memes.

When Nothing Else Helps…

You might think that this is how thots are made, but in reality, there’s no evidence that having sex on the first date doesn’t work.

Guys want Simple Things

While women usually have a plethora of preferences, wishes and wants, guys are rarely that complicated and only need simple things in life, like a faithful girlfriend and a chair that will bend all the way back without tipping over!

Falling into Despair

Some people will go the great distances to find a date. However, liking every profile you see on an online dating site or app doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get matched with someone because that’s not how algorithms work, damn it!

They’re Getting Smarter

One of the downsides of online dating sites is that they sometimes feature bots, which is intended by the site for research and monitoring purposes, as well as fake profiles created by scammers that want to take something from you.

Initiating Contact

Sending that initial message or friend request on a dating app really takes some cojones. Those who wait for their match to contact them first usually end up not having any contact with them at all.


For some people, getting matched by an online dating service is apparently a subject of dreams. Once they actually find their match, they first have to check whether it’s a joke or a bug on the website! That’s the life of an online dater.

Taking it to the Next Level

You won’t really find too many kinky people on everyday dating apps like Tinder, but if you do dive into the world of kink in terms of BDSM or transgender dating, things like “preferred safe word” are completely normal to see in someone’s bio.

It can be Truly Stressful…

Being an online dater can be a truly testing experience, especially in the beginning. Rejection, not getting matched for a long time (or, like, ever) and many more obstacles are normal for online dating, which means that the stress can be very, very real.

Smart Guy’s Move

Some people have found a workaround for every possible online dating problem. We never said it works, though!

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