Top 6 Things Guys don’t know about African Women

Although we live in an age of amazing technological advances, easier-than-ever traveling and the possibility of finding transgender dates without breaking a sweat, there are still some prejudices people have that have proven themselves very hard to get rid of. That’s why not many people know too much about African women. It doesn’t matter which country they’re from or if they live in a thriving city or in a tribe – these ladies are just one big mystery for most men. For this reason, we’ve decided to reveal a few things about African women that may or may not pique the interest of most guys out there. 1.    They expect to be Taken Care of   Now, not all women are like this in general,…

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Relationship Goals: 5 Celebrity Couples We Love

Although our beloved celebrities may not be the perfect role models for healthy relationships, there are still things we can learn from them, and have fun with it. The one thing that stands out on this list is the fact that there are no instances of older women dating younger men, which has been seen so often on the Hollywood dating scene. Even without it, this is one of the most intriguing lists of celebrity couples, in addition to being the latest and most up-to-date. Selena Gomez and The Weekend Relationship goal #1: Make sure your next squeeze is just as hot as your previous one. Clearly, this is much easier said than done, except when you’re the queen of Instagram – Selena Gomez! Ms.…

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LGBT Issues: Depression, Anxiety, And Homophobia

Even though our modern society is constantly trying to change its views on LGBT population, homophobia is still the biggest challenge homosexuals are facing these days. The world of gay, lesbian, and transgender dating is filled with numerous struggles that are making life harder for these individuals. Most of them are still fighting discrimination, harassment, mocking, and bullying on a daily basis. Sadly, this perpetual struggle often causes a significant amount of damage to their already fragile minds. Consequently, the majority of LGBT members are prone to various mental illnesses. If you want to get a glimpse of what it’s like to be a gay person today and see the problems these people are facing almost every day, you should definitely stick around. Growing Up…

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True Life / Love Story of Patrick and Rahmat Part 1


Hi readers, I bring you another story – Patrick will be telling you his true life/love story about his relationship with Rahmat – a young pretty fair and charming girl – he met at Minna, Niger State. I bring this story because I believe you are going to learn one or to lessons especially for the guys. My name is Patrick and this is my love story. It all started in the year 1999, in the capital city of Niger State Minna in the North Central part of Nigeria. I was a young secondary school leaver seeking admission into the Federal University of technology, Minna. During this period I happen to be a job hunter as well just to get something doing pending my admission.…

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Our Wedding Anniversary Part 3


Continued from… Our Wedding Anniversary Part 2 “What a disgraceful wedding anniversary, we have today! Uh!” Tricia muttered. “Yes, I agree, it is a disgraceful one. I have failed you Gilbert. I excused my deep hurts and hate in self with hatred for you. When in reality I hated the very being I am. You see, the one- time affair I had with Rev. Frank was my doing not his. I had visited him in my frustrated and desperate mood for a man’s touch, one day. He served us both a full glass of juice, which I contaminated with a drug content (aphrodisiac) that heightens the sexual appetite of men in no small way at all. So, you see, Tricia, I am the devil here…

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Our wedding Anniversary Part 2


…Continued from Our wedding Anniversary Part 1 Oh my God! I can’t believe this. I thought well of both of you, dad. I held you so high with respect in my heart and you dare to stab our trust for both of you behind our back. How is it possible that you both are gays? For god sake, how? I am very much ashamed of you, both. Mum and Abike would be so devastated when they find out what a hypocrite you both are”. Tricia hid her tears in disgust. “I am not sure I would be surprised”. Abike walked in, drunk and fierce. They all turned towards Abike, as she threw herself on the cushion. Gilbert reached for her, “Don’t you dare touch me,…

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Our Wedding Anniversary Part 1


“Happy! Happy anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert. Long live the couple! Forever and ever! Hurray! On and on they sang with joy in celebration of I and Gilbert’s fifteenth wedding anniversary. The mere look at Gilbert’s face filled with much smiles made me sick within. I couldn’t understand why the world celebrated and blessed a man who was a curse in my life. Who would even imagine how ruthless it was to have such a man as a husband. “O God, save me from this monstrous being”. I cried more on the inside. This was definitely not my bargain in life. Sir Idris, an elderly man with a sheepish smile, walked into the event with his eyes daringly gazing at the beautiful set up…

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My Worst Nightmare – My Love Story Part 2

My Love Story

Life must be really clouded with all beast-like hurts, I thought, as I woke up from the shock of seeing a beast in my matrimonial home on my wedding night. He must have undressed me, as I found myself naked and tied to the bed, his irrevocable eyes darkly staring and grinning at my doom. Fear was the first thing that greeted my mind’s eye, as I could barely hide my trembling state, still, I found strength to scream at the weird creature, “Who the hell are you?” my voice cried, struggling to set myself free from the chains tied around me. He didn’t say a word, then I said; “Kunle, please don’t hurt me, I beg you.” I must have said that to satisfy…

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What is True Love?


Very sincerely, I welcome you to Today I want to share this topic of Love with you. Every day and every time we hear about love and I want share the topic “What is TRUE LOVE”. Nowadays, Love is in the air, everybody talks about love. Even those that that don’t know what love is all about talks about it. So before we dabble into what True Love is all about, let’s first of all look at the origin of love in the bible. In the book of John chapter 3 verse 16 – the bible – the word of God said that God so loved the world that he gave the ONLY begotten son, that whoever believe in him will not perish but…

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My Cat and Dog Home


My name is Beatrice and I have been a wife for twelve years now and a proud mother of three beautiful children, two boys and a girl, for eleven years. I have the most amazing hubby ever and would love to spread the gospel to singles out there that marriage can be most blissful if both parties are willing to make it a happy ride all the way. My husband; Matthew and I dated for a year before getting married and of course my friends and some family members felt it was a rushed marriage since we were yet to completely know each other, as our one year courtship was a distant relationship. I was staying at Abuja, while he was in Lagos. However, I…

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