Dating in The Office: What Is the Best Policy

Working in an office means that you’re constantly surrounded by your coworkers, clients, and many other individuals. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you’re into young men or mature women of the cougar dating niche, there’s a strong possibility that you’ll meet someone who will look like a perfect romantic companion sooner or later.

Naturally, this is a beautiful thing that should happen to every single man and woman out there, but what’s a person to do when something like this happens in the workplace? Most companies have strict rules that prevent office relationships, but is that really the best policy? Let’s see if we can find the middle ground and come up with a better solution.

Office Romances Should Always Be Allowed

As an employer, you don’t want to be known as someone who rules with an iron fist. Of course, certain rules and overall discipline are very important things in the workplace. However, not allowing people to start a romantic relationship might prove to be too strict. This type of a decision might have a negative effect on their moral which will result in low levels of productivity. Therefore, if you want your workers to feel relaxed and at home, you need to allow them to engage in office relationships.

However, Certain Rules Must Be Followed

If two people – in this case, two coworkers – feel attracted to each other, they should be able to start a relationship without losing their jobs. However, certain rules and restrictions must exist in order to preserve a healthy and productive working environment. For example, public displays of affections (PDA), such as excessive kissing and sexual physical contact must never be allowed inside the office. This particular rule will prevent all kinds of inappropriate behavior and uncomfortable scenes.

All Relationships Must Be Disclosed to the HR

Secret relationships, no matter how exciting and hot, are never a good idea, especially in an office. There are a lot of things that could go wrong and a potential scandal will affect both the couple and the rest of the co-workers. Therefore, every relationship should be disclosed to the HR and to the rest of the office. This way, everyone is on the same page, which automatically eliminates the chances of certain scandals, gossips, and unpleasant situations. This is, without a doubt, one of the best policies when it comes to office relationships.

Two People of Different Levels Should Sign an Official Dating Contract

When two workers of the same level engage in an office relationship, that usually does not impose a big problem or a threat for the working environment. On the other hand, when two people from different departments or levels start dating, that can be a problem for the company. Other workers will start doubting the credibility of the higher-ranked person because they’ll think that their romantic partner is being treated differently, compared to the other employees. Any kind of favoritism is strictly prohibited, and that’s why couples like these must always sign an official dating contract composed by the head of the human resources. This is the only way to allow workers to follow their heart and keep the office in perfect order.

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