He Abandoned the Date and Left me to Pay the Bill

There are lots of dating horror stories ranging in topic and intensity from mild to extremely disturbing. Being abandoned mid-date is almost as ‘traumatizing’ as when a guy falls asleep making love to you (remember Charlotte?). Not only does it seem the guy ran for his life, but there is also a small issue of paying the bill afterwards. This is precisely what happened to me last week, and here’s I am contemplating ditching mainstream dating and trying something more niche-specific (and macho!), like biker dating. At least a biker would have the courtesy just not to return my calls the next day!

My friend B set me up with this supposedly great guy last Saturday. She talked him up like there was no tomorrow, and a skeptic that I am, I immediately thought ‘so why is he still single’? But one of the things I’ve been very firmly working on this year is my flexibility when it comes to meeting new people, and taking better care of those who are still in my life. So I decided to let her talk me into sort of like a blind date type of thing with someone I’ve only heard about several times. B did give me a short bio, but I really couldn’t say that I knew the guy on any level.

Against my better judgment as well, I agreed to go out to dinner with him. I usually like to keep first dates as low-key as possible, and suggest a brunch on Sunday if he’s not really a dog person who’d join me on a Thursday after work to walk our pooches together. But again, I’m strongly working on my flexibility this year, and as a result I ended up not listening to my gut feeling.

S seemed really nice when he showed up at the restaurant (I hate being picked up by strangers). He was cute and all smiles, and I couldn’t remember the last time I met someone whose life story was as fascinating as his. He lived in several countries throughout his teenage years and early adulthood, courtesy of his father’s work, fluently spoke four languages, and seemed to be so smooth that I was instantly attracted to him. Mind you, I’m not a square myself, so it’s not like I couldn’t talk to someone so worldly and street smart like him. I’ve traveled my entire adult life, not to mention growing up in a shady neighborhood, giving me the right kind of an edge that most guys like.

So I’m not really sure where things went wrong, and I’m not the type of girl to blame it on any external factors, and I’m perfectly capable of facing the facts – he just didn’t like me. But still, I’m cute and smart, and definitely don’t deserve to be abandoned like that! I’m not really sure how he plans to face our mutual friend B after this little incident, but I’d really like to see him explain himself to her. It’s one thing not to like me, which is a blow to my self-confidence, obviously, but possible, but it’s an entirely different thing to bail on me like that. To add insult to injury, before taking a walk of shame out of the restaurant, I had to pay for the food he ate and the wine he drank! There are various ways to let a girl down easy, and this sure is not one of them!

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