How Can You Tell If He Is Ready To Settle Down

It doesn’t matter if you prefer to date in person or meet people online, it’s safe to say that casual (no strings attached) type of dating is pretty easy. Serious relationships on the other hand, well, they can be rather complicated, especially if you and your partner are not on the same page. One of the biggest problems in modern relationships are the commitment issues most guys have. Don’t get us wrong, not all guys find it hard to commit to their significant others, but we can honestly say that women are more comfortable with the concept of monogamy. So, if you’re in a serious relationship and your boyfriend is having a hard time stating that he’s willing to commit, check out some of the signs that may indicate that he’s ready to settle down.

He’s Not Afraid To Make A Major Life Decision With You

Being in a serious romantic relationship with someone implies making big decisions. Most guys these days are afraid to do something like that with their partner, so they choose to end the relationship or keep it casual. However, if your man is willing to make a major life decision that includes you, well, you’re a lucky woman. For example, if your boyfriend says that he wants to get a dog with you or move in with you, it is a clear sign that he’s done with a wild bachelor life and he is ready to settle down.

He Includes You In His Future Plans

As you probably already know, the conversation about future is one of the trickiest discussions when it comes to modern couples. Nowadays, the majority of men are not that comfortable with this particular conversation because they actually don’t see themselves with a current partner in 5 years. However, if your man talks openly about his future plans and if those plans include you, it’s safe to say that he’s more than ready to commit. The fact that he discusses his future with you means that he takes your relationship rather seriously.

He’s Ok With You Spending Time With His Family

A lot of modern young men have a problem with introducing their girlfriends to their parents and other family members. This is probably one of the most common signs of commitment issues and it means that a guy is not ready for a serious relationship. So, in case your beloved boyfriend doesn’t have a problem with you spending time with his family, you can rest assured that he’s not afraid to settle down with you. If he wants you to bond with the people he loves the most, it means he wants you to be a part of his family. This is a sure sign that your man is in for a long haul and you have nothing to worry about.


There you go, ladies, these three signs should definitely convince you that your man is willing to settle down, even if he’s not ready to actually admit that.

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