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My Love Story

My Worst Nightmare – My Love Story

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What can I say I didn’t have? I had wealth, peace, happiness, good health, and everything any man would…

LGBT Issues: Depression, Anxiety, And Homophobia

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Even though our modern society is constantly trying to change its views on LGBT population, homophobia is still the…

True Life / Love Story of Patrick and…

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Hi readers, I bring you another story – Patrick will be telling you his true life/love story about his…

Our Wedding Anniversary Part 3

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Continued from… Our Wedding Anniversary Part 2 “What a disgraceful wedding anniversary, we have today! Uh!” Tricia muttered. “Yes,…

Our wedding Anniversary Part 2

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…Continued from Our wedding Anniversary Part 1 Oh my God! I can’t believe this. I thought well of both…

Our Wedding Anniversary Part 1

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“Happy! Happy anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert. Long live the couple! Forever and ever! Hurray! On and on…
My Love Story

My Worst Nightmare – My Love Story Part…

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Life must be really clouded with all beast-like hurts, I thought, as I woke up from the shock of…

What is True Love?

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Very sincerely, I welcome you to Today I want to share this topic of Love with you. Every…

My Cat and Dog Home

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My name is Beatrice and I have been a wife for twelve years now and a proud mother of…
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Following Those Butterflies despite Your Better Judgment or…

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Figuring out when to trust your butterflies and when to pull the brakes isn’t always easy, especially if your…
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