Our wedding Anniversary Part 2

…Continued from Our wedding Anniversary Part 1

Oh my God! I can’t believe this. I thought well of both of you, dad. I held you so high with respect in my heart and you dare to stab our trust for both of you behind our back. How is it possible that you both are gays? For god sake, how? I am very much ashamed of you, both. Mum and Abike would be so devastated when they find out what a hypocrite you both are”. Tricia hid her tears in disgust.

“I am not sure I would be surprised”. Abike walked in, drunk and fierce. They all turned towards Abike, as she threw herself on the cushion. Gilbert reached for her, “Don’t you dare touch me, you monster”. Abike shouted, pushing Gilbert who tried to help her from falling, away from her.

“Why aren’t you surprised, Abike? What do you know that I don’t know?” Tricia asked

“I know everything. I know every damn secret. There is absolutely nothing hidden under the sun”. “Speak, already Abike. I do not wish to be kept in suspense. Don’t ruin my feelings even more. Cos’ I hate the fact that my father (Mr. Idris) is having some gay affair with your husband. Isn’t that crazy or sickening? Heaven, I am totally freaked out”. She picked throw pillows and threw it at Gilbert, angrily. “I hate both of you. I hate you dad”. Tears poured down Tricia’s eyes as she released her hands from her dad’s sympathetic embrace.

“You need not be shattered, at least not yet. Cause, you are about to get the shock of your life”. Abike grinned wickedly.

 “What do you mean by that, Abike? Can you just speak and stop wagging your tongue. I hate the fact that you are putting me in suspense”.

“Very well then, since we are all out for a dare or truth, then, I suggest we confess it all before your God, Tricia, or what do you think?”

“Can you stop this nonsense and just speak up?”

“No, no, no way, says drunk me.” Laughing hilariously. “Not until, Father Frank comes to stand as a witness to our confession to the Lord”. Tricia picked her phone and placed a call with one of the guards at the hall event. “Hello” not smiling in any way. “Can you send Reverend Frank down to the house immediately? Please let him meet us at the sitting room on the third floor. Kindly, tell him it’s an emergency. Yes, please. Thank you”.

“Very well then, we will wait till Father comes. Until then, these two fools can rot in hell, for all I care”.

The silence in the house grew from cold to grave. Nothing seemed to make any sense, especially for Tricia who didn’t see any sense in any of the drama that unleashed on the day of her return to Nigeria. How pathetic! How was she going to tell her mom this? She thought, fighting her fears and shame in her father.

Reverend Frank climbed the stair case calmly, wondering what the Gilbert’s family had in stock for the day to have called him out of the event to a private place in their home. He managed to climb, gradually, paying no attention to his hurting legs.

“Father Frank welcome”. Tricia jumped showing a little relief he was finally with them. “Thank goodness you are here. Well, we have a few things we might have to spill out and so we thought your presence would be important. Thank you for honoring our call sir.” “You are welcome, sister Tricia. So why was I summoned to this meeting?”

“We thought it wise to have you come here and stand as a witness to what would be shared among us tonight. Being a Reverend father that you are, our confession would be best shared with you. Pray that God forgives us at the end of this grave confession”.

Tricia seemed restless as she grabbed Abike’s hand in anger; “Speak up now, Abike. Do not waste our time any longer”. Shocked by Tricia’s strong grip of her, she pulled out, a little angered.

“Hey miss! Easy does it. Or have you no respect for the portion of the bible that says; ’a patient dog eats the fattest bone?’ You want me to spill it out? Fine, I will.”  They could all see her hurt and cold anger within and without. The next thing they saw was her fingers rising gradually, pointing at Gilbert. “That man over there, is nothing but a monster. He is the most disgraceful husband on planet earth, and oooooh, I ‘m so fed up with him already”. Gilbert had shame in his eyes; his tears were evident before all.

“Exactly five years ago, I noticed Gilbert’s frequent truancy in the name of business meetings and got suspicious. I felt there had to be something more. I mean, I didn’t think it normal to have frequent unending business trips, day to day, week to week, month to month and of course, our relationship was declining. So, I decided to hire a secret agent, who eventually helped me discover that my husband was gay and worst of all; his sex mate was Tricia’s father, ‘Sir Idris’. ” Tricia came to a halt, shock rushing down her blood streams with fire in her eyes. “What?” She screamed, her gaze on her dad, this time, begging deeply within that he would refute such despicable accusation. But then, his mouth came open with no words, his eyes searched the floor hoping it would take him away from their midst. Only what came his way was a raking daughter with tears in her eyes.

“Hey Tricia, calm down, ‘cause you have only heard a fraction of the whole. I said smiling and gulping down the bottle of brandy the men had kept on the table while feasting in their scandalous Homosexual act.

I sat down helplessly on the floor as I continued. After two years of ruining my marriage with some despicable practice, sir Idris, your father, came for me. He made several advances at me. All of which I turned down, until he threatened to slur my entire family if I do not give in. My deep love for my two children made me weak to confront his threat. I gave in without thinking. And soon became one of his maniac tools for sex, like my husband was. This made me hate myself and my husband even more.

But what was I to do? How could I refuse an offer that was set to expose my one time secret affair with Reverend Frank that led to the birth of our third child, ‘Temi’. Deep tears poured down my swollen eyes, as Tricia shouted. “What? You and Father Frank too?

Every eye rolled and turned towards Rev. Frank who looked more embarrassed than ever.

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