Our Wedding Anniversary Part 3

Continued from… Our Wedding Anniversary Part 2

“What a disgraceful wedding anniversary, we have today! Uh!” Tricia muttered.

“Yes, I agree, it is a disgraceful one. I have failed you Gilbert. I excused my deep hurts and hate in self with hatred for you. When in reality I hated the very being I am. You see, the one- time affair I had with Rev. Frank was my doing not his. I had visited him in my frustrated and desperate mood for a man’s touch, one day. He served us both a full glass of juice, which I contaminated with a drug content (aphrodisiac) that heightens the sexual appetite of men in no small way at all. So, you see, Tricia, I am the devil here not Rev. Frank. The funny thing is, he doesn’t even know he is Temi’s father, neither did I want Temi around most times.

So, I decided to put her in a boarding school, because she reminded me of Rev. Frank a lot. And I, I didn’t need such reminder, not when I was trying to rid myself of the strong feeling I had for Rev. Frank. My tears were beginning to dry, and my feet chose to stand. I looked into Gilbert’s eyes and said; “I am sorry I failed you Gilbert, I am sorry I couldn’t help us stand strong together, I am sorry I poured my hate for self on you. I am sorry I ever dared to judge you, when I am a complete nobody to judge.

May God judge me for all my wrongs”. I said and turned to Rev. Frank; “Rev. Frank, I have been a burden to you, the discomfort you often bear at my flirty moves towards you, the unnecessary calls, forgive me Rev. Here is the one chance for me to say I am sorry. Forgive me, Rev., I beg you.” my guilt grew stronger as I looked in Tricia’s direction.  “I am sorry to have kept it all from you. But how could I share with you these happenings that have only boiled with hot madness in my heart? Wouldn’t you have been a victim of the same madness as well? Hmm! Gilbert, thank you for granting me my wish to largely celebrate our 15th year old wedding anniversary, I appreciate you for that and would walk out that door and pretend you and I never happened. As for you, Sir Idris, may hell be your doom place to rot in forever. I eyed him and turned to walk away, but then, Gilbert rushed towards me with heavy tears in his eyes and held me so tight that I thought I just might suffocate or stay numb in his hands. “I can’t afford to lose you, honey” I drew out of his arms in wonder. “What do you mean, Gilbert? I have spent the past 9 years begging for your love and attention, now you tell me this?” I must have been really mad with the madness rapidly burning inside of me, because I slapped him.

I thought he would hit me back, but he stayed calm and said; “Hit me all you want. All I desire is that you see it is you I want to spend the rest of my life with and no one else. My relationship with Mr. Idris was nothing but a stupid 15 years sexual contract to clear a debt on my neck. We are in a huge debt, honey. We owe a hundred million Naira, of which Mr. Idris promised to clear after a 15 years satisfaction of his sexual desire”. Gilbert cried out. I opened my mouth in shock, then, he said; I couldn’t afford to give you a low life, so I accepted the contract. But now, I would rather lose everything else, but, you. Please don’t go, don’t leave me to myself, I beg you.” I stood there motionless, tears welling up in my eyes. He hugged me, sobbing softly as well, while I cried more in his arms. “I am sorry I ever dared to trade our love for currencies. Forgive me, dear.”

 While we cried in each other arms, Rev. Frank praised God as we didn’t stop hearing him say; “Glory to God. Oh! Praise God”! Tricia, on the other hand walked to Sir Idris, her dad, looked him in the face and said with deep anger from within; “I hate to imagine you are called my father, because my very existence despises your presence at this hour. May you pay for your wicked deeds in a hundredfold. Goodbye”. She said and spat at his feet before walking away.

I and Gilbert made up and have lived a great and happy life ever since. Tricia travelled back to the States, while Sir Idris moved out of the country and disappeared from our lives forever. Rev. Frank was a dear family friend and great adviser until he was transferred to another parish at Ilorin.

It is quite overwhelming that years have come and gone and we are proudly 40 years in marriage now. No year ever passes without us celebrating our wedding anniversary. We are most grateful to God for keeping us in love despite the rough times we shared in the past. And I, I am most overwhelmed to be married to my friend, a great personality, the man of my dreams, my joy forever.

The End

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