The Indestructible Love

Love as many people would always want to say; is a mystery that can be solved by nature. It can also be seen as a combination that only the forces of nature can suppress. The same can be said of the love which existed between Jenifer Rafin and Michael Williams. Both person felt the same feeling of love for each other and were ready to make the necessary sacrifices just to make the relationship work out eventually.

However, even though their love tends to be the same between them, there was something which made them to be worlds apart and that was the class they belonged to. Jenifer was somebody who had very rich parents that were referred to as elites; Michael was just a restaurant attendant who served people to put food on the table. The worse part was that his salary was never enough to cater for himself. The parents of Jenifer were the elites who were movers and shakers of the society. They could have anything just at the snap of their fingers. To them, life was all about the rich getting married to the rich. They had this mentality that the poor had no business trying to mingle with the rich.

These two love birds started dating when Jenifer popped into the restaurant that Michael was working with back then. Michael was so full of life that anyone who stayed around him for a matter minutes could sense his passion for nature. He was the type of person that wanted everyone to be happy no matter the circumstances that may be happening around them. It was an unusual quality being possessed by someone who was struggling with the hardships of life. His salary wasn’t even enough to send home for his sister and mother to use to take care of themselves. Despite all these, he loved helping and talking to people who had problems. A courageous man that was ready to talk to the president regardless of his political status.

This was the quality that endeared Jenifer to him. The day he knew Jenifer, she came to the restaurant to relax and have some good time. However, she couldn’t suppress the feelings of not passing her final examination in school. She just sat on the chair and tears started rolling down her cheeks.  Even though Michael wasn’t the person who attended to her, he had started noticing her for some minutes. He then summoned the courage to go and have a chat with her so as to know what the matter was. When he asked her about the reason for her sad mood, Jenifer then explained everything to him saying that she had problems passing her final exams in school. On hearing this, Michael paused and told her not to worry pointing to the fact that nature had always decided the outcomes of our destinies in life. According to him, if truly nature wanted her to pass the examination then no one would have done the opposite. When Jenifer heard this she looked at him for some minutes and pretended as if the words weren’t touching. Meanwhile, these same words happened to be the source of her consolation. She went home that day still feeling a bit sad. However, after giving the words of Michael a second thought, she understood that he was correct. She started asking herself questions concerning why she was being worried.

Three weeks later, she was in the same restaurant again looking cheerful and happy. When she went there Michael couldn’t even recognize her as he went about his job. It was when she started explaining herself and how his words of encouragement helped her to overcome her problems that he remembered. From that moment, they started sharing something intimate. Michael was never comfortable with the way things were with him even though he knew how to help people overcome their problems. This time he knew that there would be problems as Jenifer’s people would never be in support of a relationship between them. It was a period when he had to consider whether to review going out with Jenifer or ignore the barriers between them and pretended as if they never existed.

They grew in love by traveling to places and discovering things. It was their intentions to get married but that would never happen without the consent of their parents. This means that there had to be a better plan. The height of the story of these two love birds came to a climax when Jenifer had to take Michael to her parents. She knew it was never going to be easy but that didn’t prevent her from having the shock of her life. This was because it was at this point that the parents told her that they had been training her all the while for someone who belonged to the same class as they were. He was the son of a popular politician in the country. It was the father’s plan to get connected by using his daughter as the bait.

Jenifer was mad when she heard this and she couldn’t take it. The unfortunate aspect was that her future husband would be coming in two days’ time. When the father noticed that Michael would be a stumbling block to his political ambitions, he arranged for his set up. All of a sudden Michael got missing as even the police couldn’t tell of his whereabouts. When Jenifer heard of this, she was filled with sorrow and started blaming herself for being cause of his disappearance. For this, she decided to serve in Michael’s mother little foundation which had the objective of raising children and teaching them moral values. It was a remote village that even her parents couldn’t find her.

She worked there for over five years. One day a man showed up telling her that someone wanted to see her. She was curious when they said the person identified himself as Michael. When she got out, it was the person he had fallen in love with five years ago. She couldn’t believe it at first. When she asked Michael what happened, he narrated how his identity was changed by her father and how he got locked up in jail after being accused of drug trafficking. He was actually set up just to make the whole thing appear clean. The two lovers were so emotional that they didn’t know when they started shedding tears. They eventually got married in Michael’s village and started working in the foundation.

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