Top 10 Sneaky Signs Your Marriage May End In Divorce

With divorce rates through the roof all over the country, it’s no wonder people are searching for ways to try and ensure their marriages beat the odds. Our list includes some small and some not so small issues that put your relationship at a risk of ending before a judge, and it doesn’t even mention things like affairs or not resisting the temptation to secretly download Tinder and start to meet people online. All of these points can be resolved when there is a will to stay together “for as long as you both shall live”, which is precisely why we’re hoping to raise some red flags before it’s too late.

#1: You Stop Communicating

When spouses lose interest to communicate in an efficient manner, the marriage can run its course pretty quickly. Snapping at each other, fighting rather than taking the time to get a point across or one side always believing they’re right are all signs there is a communication issue that needs to be dealt with.

#2: You Avoid Sex

A depressed libido is another sign you need to take a step back, and talk to your partner about working on your relationship. Sweeping things under the rug leads to a huge pile that sooner or later overwhelms you both.

#3: You Stop Sharing

Do you feel the need to tell your husband how your day went? When something funny or disturbing happens, and you talk to your spouse about it, do they actively participate in that conversation or do they not appreciate what you’re doing all that much? If the answer to these questions is no, you’ve got yourself a sign your relationship needs more nurturing.

#4: You’re Unfaithful Emotionally

If someone new catches your eye, you start to actively think about them, and this goes on for more than a few weeks, chances are your emotional unfaithfulness could hurt your marriage unless it stops as soon as possible. Needless to say, the same thing could happen to your spouse as well.

#5: Getting Married Young

Statistically speaking, people who get married in their early 20s, or earlier, are more likely to end up divorced. The reasons for this are numerous and include financial instability, a desire to live life to the fullest that arises after having tied the knot, emotional immaturity, and so on.

#6: Divorce Runs in the Family

If divorce “runs in the family”, you or your partner are more likely to hit splitsville than if your family members are in long-term marriages. If your parents are divorced, you have a 40 percent chance of going down that road as well, and if you re-marry, the chance of each of your subsequent marriages ending in divorce is a staggering 91 percent!

#7: Financial Troubles

Debt can put a serious burden on any relationship, and once financial issues arise in the household, the love usually flies right out the window. Fights are more frequent, the weight of the everyday struggle becomes too much to deal with, and lots of people opt to bear their heavy cross by themselves.

#8: Challenging Children

Children who are ill, have behavioral problems or are too much for their parents to deal with in any way pose a threat to the marriage. There is disagreement about how to deal with the situations, money often becomes an issue, one partner may feel like they’re the one doing much more for the child or family, and lots of people opt to divorce to try and put a stop to a difficult situation.

#9: The Wife Makes More Money

All feminist fights for equal rights between men and women aside, if the wife makes more money than the husband, the couple has a higher chance of calling it quits in court.

#10: Or she’s Older

If the wife is older, she has a 53 percent chance to end her marriage compared to women younger or roughly the same age as their husbands. The trouble between an older wife and a younger husband often arises when dealing with issues such as having children, birth control, power struggle, and values.

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