Top 6 Things Guys don’t know about African Women

Although we live in an age of amazing technological advances, easier-than-ever traveling and the possibility of finding transgender dates without breaking a sweat, there are still some prejudices people have that have proven themselves very hard to get rid of. That’s why not many people know too much about African women. It doesn’t matter which country they’re from or if they live in a thriving city or in a tribe – these ladies are just one big mystery for most men. For this reason, we’ve decided to reveal a few things about African women that may or may not pique the interest of most guys out there.

1.    They expect to be Taken Care of


Now, not all women are like this in general, but there certainly are those that want nothing more than to have a man by their side that’s going to provide them with everything and be their protector. When it comes to African women, most of them are actually like this. On the other hand, the man has to be capable of providing for children, too, so we can say that African ladies have a certain set of expectations that need to be met so that a relationship has the future and so that the couple can thrive in every sense of the word.

Speaking of jobs, they can be hard to come by on this continent and even if they could find one, their salary would be very, very low. Naturally, this is why most African women prefer being housewives over actually having a job. We admit the circumstances might change in years to come since numerous African countries are actually going through an economic boom right now. Until then, the situation will pretty much remain as described above.


2.    They are Hot


No, we’re not talking about living in a hot climate – ladies in Africa are rather beautiful and sexy, mostly because they don’t have time to become obese. The way of life that’s pretty much mandatory in Africa demands that you stay fit, which is why most women here are downright gorgeous. On the other hand, you cannot expect to see women that meet classic beauty standards, which is something that makes them even more attractive, especially to non-natives. There is also that exotic element that often accompanies their beauty, which hardly anyone can resist.


3.    They are a Great Match for any Western Country Guy


Nowadays, women from more developed countries in Europe and North America are just too complicated. Instead, why not go for a girl who’s much easier to talk to and satisfy and who’s probably just as hot (if not hotter) as any average American chick? Of course, this only applies if you’re ready to overcome cultural differences and embrace diversity which has proved to be pretty challenging for some. On the other hand, it can be a truly rewarding experience indeed.


4.    They are Obsessed with Europe


Even though pretty much each country in Africa has its own religion, African women actually worship European culture the most. Sadly, this has a lot to do with the fact that this continent was slowly colonized over the past few decades, but it also means that you’ll have great chances at finding a partner here if you’re a man from a European country. On the other hand, people, in general, have this tendency to be more attracted by the cultures that are totally opposite to theirs and they often display a great enthusiasm when it comes to learning new things and expanding their horizons. And women from Africa are no different whatsoever. Just imagine – she’ll think that you’re super-interesting regardless of the topic you choose and she’ll want to learn all about your country. Further, it wouldn’t be a surprise that in the end, she knows more about your homeland than you!


5.    They Love Cooking


Like we’ve mentioned before, being a housewife is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to African women – in fact, it’s an option preferred by many. This is directly linked to the love of cooking, which is something nearly all women in Africa possess. If that wasn’t enough, these ladies also like to show off just how good they are in the kitchen and how many different recipes they know by heart, which means whoever has one as a partner is in for a treat every time he sits down to eat. On the other hand, having an African lady as a partner can open an entirely new world of culinary delicacies for you, because you’ll get to chance to taste all those unusual and exotic meals that will entice all your senses. And we all know that path to love starts with a man’s belly, right?



Finally, some good news for all you players out there. African women actually like doing the nasty a lot, seeing as an African woman has 5 kids, on average. This is a phenomenon that is typical for underdeveloped countries. Namely, the people are not as exposed to modern technology and multiple career choices that often go hand in hand an economic development. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because it means that people in Africa are still deeply connected with their nature and instincts. People from Europa and North America, however, often complain about the lack of libido, which is in tight relation with the levels of stress they are experiencing on a daily basis, as well as with their hectic lifestyles that rarely gives them room for a quality relaxing time. This means that an African woman can help you reclaim your sex drive again! With that being said, you should also note that polygamy is a completely normal thing in Africa, so be ready for women who are always down for throwing it down, no matter what hour, day or week is.


Have you ever had a chance to meet African women? If the answer is yes, can you tell us more about your experience? We’d like to hear from you in the comment section below!

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