True Life / Love Story of Patrick and Rahmat Part 1

Hi readers, I bring you another story – Patrick will be telling you his true life/love story about his relationship with Rahmat – a young pretty fair and charming girl – he met at Minna, Niger State. I bring this story because I believe you are going to learn one or to lessons especially for the guys.

My name is Patrick and this is my love story. It all started in the year 1999, in the capital city of Niger State Minna in the North Central part of Nigeria. I was a young secondary school leaver seeking admission into the Federal University of technology, Minna. During this period I happen to be a job hunter as well just to get something doing pending my admission.

One day, I went to a nearby provision store in my neighborhood to buy my bathing soap. It was a familiar store because that is where I do all my domestic shopping.

On this particular day, I saw a young pretty fair and charming girl. I haven’t seen her before, so I asked her after Baba Rashid, the shop owner and she replied in a very friendly tone with a smile on her face that Baba Rashid was not available. I was curious so I asked who she was. She said her name is Rahmat and Baba Rashid is her uncle. I bought the soap and left but promised myself that I was going to get closer to Rahmat.

The following day, I went back to the store but met Baba Rashid. I bought few items and as I was about leaving I summoned courage to ask him about Rahmat, he said that she has gone to school but will be available in the evening. So I left and during my leisure period at home I love reading Hints magazine, which eventually became my stepping stone to get closer to Rahmat.

Few days later, on my way back from job hunting I bought the current edition of the Hints magazine and decided to check and see if I could see Rahmat. Alas! She was in the store all alone, so I have the opportunity to chat with her a little. It was then she told me that she is seeking admission into the university to study mechanical engineering. The conversation was lengthy because we had to talk about education since both of us were admission seekers. When I was about leaving she saw my magazine and demanded to see it. She confessed that she is an ardent reader of Hints magazine too. I let her have it and she promised to return it the following day.true-test-of-love

The evening of the following day, I went to see her and we had more discussions based on the stories in the magazine. I noticed her intelligence in analyzing stories too. She asked me what I like about the hints magazine and I told her it was the word puzzle which was always at the last page of the magazine. We laughed over it because she did not believe me. She then suggested tearing out the puzzle page and giving to me since that was my interest. We were talking when Baba Rashid came in and I became uncomfortable because I don’t know what his reactions would be, and then I took my leave immediately to avoid any form of embarrassment. As days gone by, we continue to see each other and discuss mainly on education. Then one day, I decided to go for mission impossible, I went to see her and during our chatting, I threw some intimate questions about her. To my amazement, she opened up and told me that she has a boyfriend back in Ilorin her home town and they have been dating for 7 years. I was shocked and disappointed to hear that but my inner self told me to be calm that I can still win her attention. For few days, I could not see her because I was being careful not to get hurt emotionally.

Days later, I summoned courage and visited her and when I got there, she was excited to see me and she asked me where I have been. I lied to her that I was sick. I did not spend much time with her that day because I told her that I was going to receive treatment.  Two days later I went to see her with the new edition of Hints magazine. After I dropped the magazine, I left immediately because I had to go somewhere with my elder brother. From then on, I noticed she was getting fond of me.

On one faithful Friday afternoon, I met her on the way going to central mosque for Friday Jumu’ah prayer and she told me to come to the shop around 7pm that day. I was anxious and very close to my wall clock, keeping tab of time. Some minutes past 7pm, I left home and headed for their shop which is just few minutes away from my apartment. When I got there, she was already closing the shop so she asked me to wait for her, so we can stroll a little. We took a walk down the street to a less busy road, where we sat on a covet bridge and talked.

She asked me questions relating to my personal life, which I answered her too. After about an hour of chatting, she asked me to see her off to her house. I was so happy within me that she was the one who made the first move to invite me to her place. When we got to their compound, we stopped and she pointed out a room which she said was her apartment. I was surprised because I taught she lived with Baba Rashid, whom she earlier told me was her uncle. She then explained to me that she and Baba Rashid were from the same place in Ilorin and her mother handed her over to Baba Rashid to look after her since she is the only one staying in Minna. We chat for few minutes outside the house before I left for my house.

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That’s it on part one, on the second part, we will see Patrick buy suya and other things and spend a night at Rahmat house. You need to find out what happened in the mid-night.

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